Suburban Identity Crisis: Yin's Story!

Chapter 3 is ON LINE!!!!

Warning: This is a plot complication!

Welcome to the Suburban Jungle's entry into the world of Identity Crisis.  Identity Crisis is basically the concept of taking people out of their normal environment and seeing how they react and cope with being radically changed.  In this story, Yin encounters a real, honest to goodness dimension hopper named Arden. 

The story was inspired by my buying a cameo strip for my character Arden in his Identity Crisis story on the main web page.  As a joke, I convinced John "The Gneech" Robey to run my cameo on Halloween.  In the process of coming up with ideas for the strip, I thought about writing a companion story to follow up the strip as well as give myself some serious publicity.

New chapters will be published on an irregular basis, mostly based on when I can find the time to write them.  So sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds!

NOTE: The Arden in this story as no relationship to the Arden from the main web page other than being a Polar Bear Morph while in Yin's world.  

Remember, this was originally just going to be a cross-over cameo for Arden.  I never thought it would get this kind of response! - Hikaru. 



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